Secrets to Learning to Play the Guitar

In this blog post, I discuss secrets to learning to play the guitar effectively. There are multiple approaches to learning and teaching the guitar, however, the below topics help individuals to learn in a natural way as well as a way that is unique to their musical learning style. Because music is a right brain activity, it is important to understand a little bit about how the brain works in order to understand the best approaches to musical learning.

One of the great benefits of musical education is that it can bring in perspectives from multiple disciplines such as biology and mathematics. This is important, because as musical ability increases, the increase of overall intelligence is also important. This is a holistic approach to music, but individuals should remember that musical education and learning to play instruments is one of the oldest ways of teaching and learning in all of humanity. Because humans knew how to write, they have and learned and taught musical instruments.

How did they learn if they didn’t have all of the written and video tutorials? They learned through natural ways.


Below are a couple of secrets of about the natural processes of learning musical instruments:

Secret 1:  Dream with the guitar

This is a probably one of the oddest pieces of advice about guitar playing. But if you talk to serious musicians, especially classical musicians who practice for years at a serious regular schedule and you are able to get them to open up about their intimacy with the instrument; they will be able to tell you they have dreams of themselves playing. Paying attention to your dreams of guitar playing is an important emotional leap that can assist you in playing. Those who are virtuosos at musical instruments are virtuosos because they play from a plane of consciousness that is one step above the normal waking consciousness.  Brain research shows that they engage delta brain waves while playing, while most people are in normal beta and alpha modes of consciousness.


Secret 2:  Get serious about practice

What do I mean by serious?  Serious means passion in music. Turning music into passion, passion into practice, and passion into discipline is a primary tool to moving music into a person’s system.  When a person is able to take music into deeper internal places, they are able to passionately express the music. The rest becomes mechanics and rote learning, which are primary left brain activity. They are relatively simple and they are also finite. There are only so many chords and stokes in playing the guitar before individuals can effectively master the mechanics. It is the passion, however, that transforms the mechanical knowledge into knowledge that can flow and communicate, and it is the passion that transforms mechanical knowledge into something that can be consistently applied in time, effort, and discipline to perfect a unique craft.

Dreaming, love, and passion are three of the ancient secrets to learning to play guitar. The reason they are ancient secrets is that they are part of the forgotten knowledge that is gradually being backed up by modern research. Dreaming, love, and passion where some of the reasons that early human cultures developed music. It was a way they could communicate with one another and exchange ideas across language barriers and without knowing how to read or write.  It is one of the motivations that made life interesting, and human, and it is one of the motivations that helped people to learn musical intelligence quickly and effortlessly because it was integrated as a natural part of life and growth. Hence, these secrets are not actually secrets, but the natural and original ways musical learning have developed throughout the course of human history that are still applicable because they are also how our brains are wired and how humans excel with hidden potentials.


Hi there! So you are a guitar lover? Or you love the way strings produce sounds? Then you are at a perfectly right place. Because you don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds to your tutor who not only teaches strictly but also does not tells you with the tips to learn effectively or tutor do not puts any pressure on practicing. And you ought to learn an instrument that is mood changer for everyone because of the sweet sound of its string and chords.


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