Why you started ‘learning to play guitar’?

Oh! Well, this is because I wanted to fulfil my desire of playing a musical instrument. And then why guitar? The sole reason is that it is a stand-alone instrument and it does not need any other instrument with it to play if you want to enjoy some music. A very soothing sound is just the thing you want when you are tired or have nothing else to do and what you only want is enjoyment. So, learning this was because I wanted this and hoped that I won’t need anything else for myself. A childhood dream as well because my mother’s brother could play it and he used to play for us when we cried.  And starting ‘learning to play guitar’ was because I thought that when I have so much information about various sites, their plus points and negative points, etc. then I should also provide this information to other beginners as well.

Do you know how to play guitar? If so, then how much time it took you to learn it? Was it difficult?

Yup, I knew it before entering my graduation school. It was a good experience except the part where tutor came to my home to teach; I learned almost 2 percent of how to play guitar where 100 points for a beginner level – nothing you can say. Apart from this, when I started learning through online means, it got real interesting and fun. I could play it when I get bored, I considered this as my only entertainment available in evenings, or I could watch videos and tutorial at my own time with great ease. So, yeah! It was wonderful for me and not difficult at all just worth some practice and that’s all.

What information you provide here for guitar players? Is this information enough for those who want to learn from scratch?

I will be telling you about the various websites that include complete courses to learn playing guitar as well as some websites that have must see videos for you if you want to learn guitar. These sites will teach you to learn guitar from scratch while some of these are completely free and some have a small fee but these fee are way less than what normal tutors charge for teaching. I aim that my every visitor get to learn guitar and then is able to play some chords and basic solos as a must and then go for advanced learning techniques for playing guitar.  Either you want to play acoustic or electric, there is helpful information for all. You will find huge and enormous song libraries to practice songs with in these websites and most of these websites are free though some of them require 20$-45$ a month for full access to their libraries but these rates are far less than what you have to pay to your tutors. So, almost everything you want to learn a guitar will be easily found on these sites.

Perfectly enough! If you don’t even know the name of guitar and you have found it after listening or researching, then too. These sites provide enough content to start from scratch.

How easy it is to learn guitar?

Learning guitar is a relatively simple task, especially considering all of the tutorial support that is now available for free on the internet.  Generally it can take an individual from ten to thirty hours to learn the basics and foundations of guitar playing to the point where they are able to perform basic songs.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

Generally, an individual should develop about thirty minutes per day for about three weeks to master to foundational chords, hand placements, and general theory of guitar playing.  Overall, the time investment is about ten to their hours for beginners and may increase depending on how serious the person is about their guitar playing and their goals.

What are some of the best ways of learning guitar available?

Some of the best ways of learning guitar are from friends.  The other ways are through social networking and interaction, audio-visual representation through videos of varying quality, and written graphic tutorials for progressing gradually through guitar learning.  The level of discipline is significant, however, it is a different type of discipline that can be infused with fun as compared to learning other musical instruments.

What are some of the best free ways of learning guitar?

There are numerous free written and video tutorials on the internet that can be found through a basic search on guitar learning.  They are widely available and some of reputable, well-constructed, highly professional, straight forward, and concise.  There are also learning community groups found through social media and some comment sections from free video tutorials on YouTube.

What are some of the best paid courses for learning guitar?

One of the best platforms for learning to play the guitar is http://www.jamplay.com/.  This platform is well integrated and offers a plethora of opportunities for beginners and enthusiasts.  Through this platform, every type of guitar learning strategy and learning style is well engaged and supported.  This platform is constructed for social networking and feedback that is personally tracked as well as engaged with a community of experts and learners.  It is also family friendly and highly monitored which makes it an option for all ages.  There are learning modules from all styles of guitar playing that enable those who which to learn to diversify their repertoire beyond their immediate knowledge and likes.  In musical educational, the ability to play within different genres and to be introduced to different styles is one of the signature benefits of formal education that supports students with an extremely in-depth foundation.  While free courses offer signature foundations in theory, basic hand placements, and even musical composition, the pain opportunities offer competitive advantages that rival formal musical education and set a higher standard for what is possible when all aspects of learning guitar are engaged.

What are the benefits for learning guitar?

Musical education in general and guitar learning in particular benefit social development, overcoming personal obstacles, transferable skills, intellectual skills, emotional intelligence development, artistic intelligence development, and brain development.