Best Tutorials for Learning Guitar Serious

This blog post is one of multiple blog posts within a serious of reviews of options for learning to play the guitar.  In the world of guitar learning, there are multiple options. According to the specific learner, there is something for everyone and their learning style. Some options are free and are simply a blog post or video on YouTube, others are cd’s and booklets, and others are paid professional tutoring. Depending on where individuals want to take their playing skills and what individuals deem success for themselves in learning to play guitar, one or more of these options might seem viable.

The first stop on our tour within this series is a website called Tropical MBA. This website is a podcast and blog that provides useful tips to entrepreneurs. If you want to learn something fast and efficient, talk to an entrepreneur as entrepreneurs in general have a wide variety of cultural and linguistic skills that they learn in ways that cut the normal time down to bare minimum and focus on how to get to the result of the process as quickly as possible. For that reason, leaning guitar from an entrepreneurial perspective assists individuals to figure out quickly what really works and everything they will need to learn the guitar.


One of Tropical MBA’s pages located at is a brief yet extremely concise blog entry that teaches absolutely everything you will need to know to learn the guitar in 10 hours. This is a really useful option for individuals whose learning style is written oriented.  If you just want to know the facts of what you need to know upfront with no frills, then check out this one page that is free from sales copy. You basically get the facts of what you need to know broken down into a simply system.

Specifically, this website teaches individuals to learn guitar in 10 hours. The first set of learning is learning five basic chords and their figure positions. On the guitar, chords are a series of notes that are created when the left hand holds them down at the top of the guitar. There are five basic chords that are foundational to learning the guitar. With those five basic chords, an individual is ready to learn simply guitar songs.

What is great about this web page is that it is geared towards almost anyone. That is, it does not take musical talent or skill in the way that violin, cello, or French horn may take. Learning the five basic chords as presented on this page though simply pictures and names takes approximately thirty minutes for a couple of days. In all, the page estimates that individuals can learn the basics and practice some easy songs that are presented and be able to actual perform those songs within ten hours or work. Generally, these ten hours are spaced throughout a couple of days.


This is one of the better websites that clearly explains everything in a way that puts detail into each sentence but doesn’t offer extras. If individuals really want to learn, this website is for them because it is the quickest if they have a guitar and if they are willing to do the practice. At the very least, it is a website the offers an excellent foundation in learning the basics and helps individuals to understand what those basics are from someone who has taught and performed guitar. It also helps because it is coming from a normal person who loves to simply jam and write music. So individuals can learn through this website how to play guitar in about five steps, which is perhaps one of the most consist among free offerings.


Hi there! So you are a guitar lover? Or you love the way strings produce sounds? Then you are at a perfectly right place. Because you don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds to your tutor who not only teaches strictly but also does not tells you with the tips to learn effectively or tutor do not puts any pressure on practicing. And you ought to learn an instrument that is mood changer for everyone because of the sweet sound of its string and chords.


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