About Me

Hi there! So you are a guitar lover? Or you love the way strings produce sounds? Then you are at a perfectly right place. Because you don’t have to pay hundreds and hundreds to your tutor who not only teaches strictly but also does not tells you with the tips to learn effectively or tutor do not puts any pressure on practicing. And you ought to learn an instrument that is mood changer for everyone because of the sweet sound of its string and chords.

I was gifted a guitar by my mother at my prolonged insistence after high school and it was then I hired a tutor but even after a month of training, I was not able to grip it even like beginners so I planned to change the tutor but again not worth mentioning results came out; maybe because I could not hire highly professional experts due to their high fee and rather I Guitar-Loverwent for tutors being advertised here and there. I won’t say that they did not know about guitar but the issue was that they were not able to teach me and transfer their knowledge effectively and efficiently. It was then that I decided to give some free courses present online a shot and to be honest with you, results were more than satisfactory and the convenience was more than enough; I could do this at night or day or evening whenever I had time and plan according to my schedule. After getting at an intermediate level, I figured it that out that I should also provide the information I have to other beginners as well. And so I started this.

In this site, I will be telling you about the various websites that include complete courses to learn playing guitar as well as some websites that have must see videos for you if you want to learn guitar. These sites will teach you to learn guitar from scratch while some of these are completely free and some have a small fee but these fee are way less than what normal tutors charge for teaching. I aim that my every visitor get to learn guitar and then is able to play some chords and basic solos as a must and then go for advanced learning techniques for playing guitar.  Either you want to play acoustic or electric, there is helpful information for all. You will find huge and enormous song libraries to practice songs with in these websites and most of these websites are free though some of them require 20$-45$ a month for full access to their libraries but these rates are far less than what you have to pay to your tutors. So, almost everything you want to learn a guitar will be easily found on these sites. I will provide the list of websites after analyzing them and based on the number of reviews they have including those websites to which I also referred when I was learning. Thus, just stay tuned for more and more updates on these sites with offers and promotions for their courses.

Learning how to play a musical instrument is one of the most important things an individual can do for their overall health and mental activity.  Studies show that those who practice and learn music can apply their practice to other aspects of their lives for excellence.   This aspect of musical education is called transference of skills. Individuals who are really interested in learning a musical instrument now have a variety of tools, tricks, and tutorials available to them.

This blog covers some of the free and paid resources that are available to those who wish to embark upon the path of learning the guitar.  The suggestions, advice, and reports here are good for beginners and some of the advice is good for experts and well developed enthusiasts.  This blog covers some of the basic foundational steps to learning to play the guitar and where the best information is on the web to go even deeper into those foundational steps.  This blog also covers unusual and secret self-learning methods that increase individual’s talents and abilities to learn.

The general benefits of learning to play guitar are increased intelligences from multiple areas of a person’s life.  These increased intelligences and areas of life include:  artistic intelligence, emotional intelligence, mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, and social intelligence.  The ability for guitar playing to bring people together signifies that guitar in particular is an instrument that functions as a cultural ambassador, way of bringing people together, and a way of pushing past barriers in human interaction or ice breaking.

The developmental benefits of playing guitar are exponential and individuals who learn an instrument at any age find that those benefits are immediately applicable as well as applicable for the long term.  Guitar can be learned by anyone at any age, which makes it one of the most accessible instruments.  Guitar playing is a great unwinding activity, which has cognitive, emotional, and learning benefits as well.

The ability unwind, harmonize, create, compose, and relax are essential skills to building life happiness and going with the flow of events.  It helps increase flexibility and dexterity to life challenges and support individuals to provide creative solutions from relaxed, calm, and visionary states of expression.   In the world today, fewer opportunities exist for people to actually make friends.  While social media has increased worldwide connections, there still exists a need for people to have skills through which they are able to connect to others in a meaningful fashion that pushes past the normal barriers that people bring will making deeper bonds.  Guitar playing supports individual’s instinctual social drives, which makes it so popular and makes guitar players able to embody their authenticity at a deeper degree because it taps into authentic awareness and deeper recesses both within the body and within the mind.

Overall, this blog offers a survey of all of the resources and learning approaches that are available on the web as well as some of the contemporary techniques individuals are now using to learn guitar in fast, fun, and fulfilling ways.